Eight Do’s and Don’t with your Ring


  1. DO remove your engagement ring and rings when performing household chores (dishes, gardening, etc.) or wear protective gloves to protect your wedding bans
  2. DO keep them away from harsh chemicals!
  3. DO clean your ring often, gently, and properly - We recommend using a 3:1 ratio of alcohol to water, putting the gem in for 30-45 seconds, and gently wiping dry with a cotton cloth (shine with velvet fabric for extra shine)
  4. DO remove your rings when applying lotion or hairspray. Lotion and makeup build-up can dull your ring’s sparkle


  1. DON’T remove your ring by pulling at the center stone(s)- Pull the ring off by holding both sides and sliding it off your finger to avoid damaging the integrity of the setting
  2. DON’T wear your rings while working out, lifting, or operating machinery. The equipment can scratch your rings or knock the stones out
  3. DON’T swim with your ring
  4. DON’T wear your rings to sleep