How to Drop Engagement Hints

After you and your significant other have decided that engagement is the next step in your relationship, many individuals focus on the biggest decision to come after: the engagement ring. But how exactly can you ensure your partner chooses your perfect ring without telling them outright, “This is what I want.” To maintain some surprise and spontaneity in the engagement ring shopping journey, here are some ways to drop hints!

1. Dislikes Are Just as Important as Likes
It’s more common and sometimes easier to recognize what you dislike rather than what you like. In stating your dislikes, even before your likes, your partner can still gain valuable information necessary on their ring shopping journey. This can sometimes even be more helpful than stating likes.

2. Window Shop
The next time you are at the mall, do not be afraid or shy to browse the glass cases outside of jewelry stores. Make it a game by asking them to guess which is your favorite in the display. In doing so, share with your partner, even if it is briefly, which rings and styles you prefer. This can range from describing your affinity towards dainty jewelry and yellow gold as opposed to white gold.

3. The Name Drop
Celebrity engagements can prove really helpful in determining partner preference. Bring up different celebrities and their rings and share them with one another to help narrow down likes and dislikes. 

4. Family & Friends
Share photos and words of your likes and dislikes with family and friends. More often than not, your partner will approach them with inquiries about your preferences. After all, they know you best and can be incredibly helpful in aiding your partner on their ring shopping journey.

5. Social Media
Instagram and Pinterest are a great tool to save designs and inspiration pictures of what you like. Sharing your saved posts and Pinterest boards with close friends or even your partner can help them navigate their engagement ring journey!