How to clean your diamond ring?

Now that you have your ring and are wearing it everyday, you might notice your diamond isn’t as sparkly as it was. From the oils on our fingers to just your daily day-to-day(applying lotion, doing the dishes, etc) can leave your diamond looking a little dull. Here’s a few quick tricks to keep that diamond shiny!

  1. Never use harmful substances on your diamond or ring! Household cleaners are a no go. Chlorine bleach can cause damage to the gold for your diamond setting. You know the part that’s holding your shiny diamond! 
  2. Warm water and soap! Simple. Let your ring soak in the warm water mixture for about 15 minutes. Allowing time to loosen all the dirt and oil collected. A new toothbrush is also great to get those hard to reach places. After your 15 minute soak, rinse it under warm water and dry with a lint-free cloth! We recommend a quick cleaning every two weeks.

*Don’t forget to close the drain prior to rinsing!