Sonu Couples

We love being apart of your love stories

Randall & Shanique


Shoutout to Sonu Company! From start to finish, they helped me with the customization process, helped me with literally everything. Fellas, go to Sonu Co because I promise you, they will literally bring the ring you have in mind to life. They did an amazing job and we couldn’t have done it without them. 

Ryan & Montana

Big thank you to Sonu Company for making this happen and making this ring, my baby's dream ring possible. They made us the ring and they made it happen. Fellas - if you want to propose to your girl, Sonu Company, they got y'all!

Stephen & Samantha

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While scrolling through Instagram, I found Sonu Co and they saved my life! They pretty much walked me through the steps of what are the different style rings, diamond shapes, and cuts. She loved it and I LOVED it. I would definitely recommend Sonu Co for anyone that’s in the market for an engagement ring.

Jason & Keizah

We're so thankful to Sonu Company! They really guided us through the entire process seamlessly and brought my dream engagement ring to life! It's even more beautiful than we could have imagined. There is no one we would recommend more! 

Amit & Shimolee

Our experience with Kajal was amazing. Kajal was attentive to our needs and very knowledgeable about the entire process. We are absolutely in love with the ring. It's beautiful and exactly what we have pictured. 

Kenny & Leo


YOPO! You Only Propose Once!  I knew there was no one better for this task than Payal and Kajal and the Sonu Company. They took care of every request and we’re reasonably priced. Make the right choice that’ll be remembered forever, get your ring with the Sonu company. 

Keith & Priya

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My fiancé and I had an amazing experience working with Kajal! She’s knowledgeable, helpful, & above all, she is extremely personable. Kajal, went above and beyond to assure that we received exactly what we wanted. If looking for a high quality engagement/wedding ring, then this is the place for you!

Johan & Alicia

My experience with Sonu Co. was extremely positive. They helped me create a customized ring that fit my budget and had all of the details I wanted in the ring. If you are looking for a unique, beautiful, and affordable ring, Sonu Co. is a great option.

Alex & Veda

My experience with Sonu was fantastic. I ordered mine from out of state and they were always very easy to get ahold of and answered all of my many, many questions along the way. There was no pressure as I was taking my time to make sure that everything was perfect. Couldn’t recommend enough!